We would never make
a product that we would not give to our children.


“We would never make a product
that we would not give to our children.”

FAGE (pronounced ‘fa-yeh’) grew from humble, local origins in Greece, from a single dairy shop in 1926, to a leading international dairy company with a focus on yoghurt. We not only have the leading position in the Greek yoghurt market, but we’ve also attained a significant and growing presence in the United States yoghurt market and over 40 other countries. In addition to our creamy Greek strained yoghurt, FAGE manufactures, distributes and sells a wide range of other dairy products and dairy desserts.
FAGE products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities. Our US location in Johnstown, New York, started making delicious FAGE products in April 2008 and is now the largest of our facilities, manufacturing yoghurt products for the US market and the rest of the Americas. Our two facilities in Greece serve the rest of our global markets outside of the Americas, and have the capacity to expand their production to accommodate expected increases in demand from the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany and beyond.
FAGE products are distributed to around 300 grocery store chains, which sell FAGE products in over 50,000 of their stores in approximately 44 countries, primarily in the United States and throughout Europe. We also sell our products to bakeries, confectionaries, dairy stores and other smaller convenience stores.

FAGE has succeeded in creating products that food lovers around the world enjoy. We owe our success to our highest standards of quality, generations of know-how, innovative products and our devoted employees. Today, more than ever, we strive to create, lead, innovate and grow. Everything we do is driven by our pursuit of absolute quality while remaining true to our founder’s principle: “We would never make a product that we would not give to our children.”


From a single dairy shop to a brand loved around the globe.

Our story begins in 1926 with our first dairy shop in Athens, Greece. Established by the family of Athanassios Filippou - the grandfather of FAGE’s current CEO and Chairman - the store quickly became known for its delicious, creamy, one-of-a-kind yoghurt.
In 1954, under the guidance of his father and FAGE founder Athanassios, Ioannis Filippou helped create the first wholesale distribution network for yoghurt in Greece. By 1964, Ioannis and his brother Kyriakos had opened FAGE’s first yoghurt production facility in Galatsi, a suburb of Athens.
Until the mid-1970s, FAGE was primarily involved in the small-scale production and distribution of traditional Greek yoghurt. Back then, retail outlets typically sold yoghurt as a commodity product in bulk quantities and the manufacturer was often unidentified. In 1975, when the FAGE yoghurt plant was relocated from Galatsi to Metamorfossi, another suburb of Athens, FAGE became the first company to introduce branded yoghurt products to the Greek market.

These products, which carried the FAGE® trademark, were sold in attractively designed packaging — smaller, sealed tubs featuring branding with a streamlined aesthetic very similar to what we use today. No one could have predicted the brand’s future success, which would completely transform the yoghurt market in subsequent years, both in Greece and internationally.

From our start as a local Athens dairy producer, we expanded throughout Greece, as well as internationally. We began exporting yoghurt to the UK and Italy in 1983 and to the US in 1998. We continue to enjoy growth in these countries and many others. Today, consumers can enjoy our famous Greek strained yoghurt in over 40 different countries around the world.

In 2006, the third generation of the Filippou family took over the management of FAGE, continuing our international growth and building on our Greek heritage.


Our Vision - Our Mission - Our Values

We aspire to contribute to the healthy lifestyle of dairy lovers around the world by providing part of a balanced diet as we continue to develop innovative, high-quality products.
We value integrity. All of our decisions are made in accordance with the ethical and moral principles of our upbringing, with respect for both customers and markets, and always in the spirit of fairness and integrity.
We hold ourselves accountable to our consumers, employees, associates and suppliers, respecting their needs and striving to remain worthy of their trust.

We apply quality assurance tests to the whole supply chain, from production to consumption, through daily controls and process certification.

We invest in integrated systems that manage the impact of our production process on the environment and implement systems for recycling.

We promote our employees’ well-being by ensuring safe and healthy working conditions, providing ongoing training and encouraging initiative, cooperation and professionalism.