Protein & Diet

FAGE Total Greek recipe strained Yoghurt makes a great addition to any healthy eating plan because of its high concentration of all-natural protein, raw ingredients, low calories and versatility.

It’s packed with powerful protein.
Total’s unique straining process yields luxuriously thick yoghurt, but also something else extraordinary: a high protein content. Protein is a powerful, muscle-building nutrient that helps deliver steady and sustained energy throughout your day. So with approximately 10g protein per 100g, FAGE Total can help you through the day.

It’s low-calorie — but filling.
FAGE Total is low-calorie. Because we don’t use any artificial sweeteners, there are no extra “sugary” calories to keep track of.

It’s versatile.
FAGE Total is a healthy hand in the kitchen. Due to its thick, creamy texture, it can easily replace higher-calorie foods, such as cream, mayonnaise, crème fraiche and sour cream. Cut the calories — enhance the taste.

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