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for every occasion
Whatever the occasion, whatever the time of day, find a FAGE Total inspired recipe that will impress family and friends alike.

Everyday meals, low in fat

Who said low fat couldn’t be tasty? In addition to tasting great, our FAGE Total strained yoghurt can help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Low Sugar Dessert Recipes

If you have a sweet tooth and you’re looking for detox inspiration, try one of our ‘low or no added sugar’ dessert recipes.

Fruit Recipes

The pick of our favourite sweet recipes made with FAGE Total and juicy fruits.

Healthier snacking

Delicious recipes ideas for savoury snacks and light meals

Savoury Carousel

The pick of our favourite savoury recipes. FAGE Total teamed with the finest veggies!
Savoury Recipe Collection Pizza dough

Sweet Treats

A selection of our most popular sweet treat recipe ideas!
Sweet Treates Collection - Millefeuille

Quick and Easy

Short on time but still want great taste? Try these quick and easy recipes made using FAGE Total

Smoothie Collection

Be inspired with these quick, easy and delicious smoothie recipes or just add a dollop of FAGE Total into your go-to smoothie for a creamy, protein-rich hit.

Brilliant for Baking

From cupcakes & crumbles to buns & birthday cakes. Bake something for any occasion using FAGE Total.

celebrate the art of food

Try your hand at a FAGE Total recipe that’s inspired by Greek and Italian culinary creativity. Beautiful has never tasted so delicious…

High protein Snacks and Meals

FAGE Total, Greek recipe strained yoghurt, is a food renowned for its high protein content, perfect for eating as a protein snack with fruit or nuts before or...