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Whatever the occasion, whatever the time of day, find a FAGE Total inspired recipe that will impress family and friends alike.

celebrate the art of food

Try your hand at a FAGE Total recipe that’s inspired by Greek and Italian culinary creativity. Beautiful has never tasted so delicious…

Strained Yoghurt at Breakfast

There are many ways to enjoy FAGE Total strained yoghurt in the mornings, for breakfast or brunch!

High protein Snacks and Meals

FAGE Total, Greek recipe strained yoghurt, is a food renowned for its high protein content, perfect for eating as a protein snack with fruit or nuts before or...


Many of us struggle to find healthy lunch recipes, which are tasty and easy to prepare.

Back to School

Finding something nutritious and delicious to slot in to your children’s lunchboxes can be a difficult task.

Alfresco Eating

One of the best things about summer is eating alfresco with friends and family.