Cajun Spiced Courgettes with a Chilli Garlic Dip

A great way to eat courgette! Serve with a chilli and garlic yoghurt dip.

These golden brown, cajun spiced courgette sticks can be served as a side dish, a starter or simply enjoyed as a snack. Dunk them into our FAGE Total inspired chilli and garlic yoghurt dip.


Serves 4
200g plain flour
2 tbsp Cajun spice
2 large courgettes, diced into baton sticks
200ml milk
Oil (enough to cover 25% depth of your pan)
For the dip:
250g FAGE Total 2%
4 tbsp sweet chilli & garlic sauce

Less than 15'
Serves 4
  1. In a bowl mix the flour and spice together.
  2. Coat the batons of courgette in milk and then toss into the flour and Cajun mix. Make sure each baton is covered.
  3. Heat the oil in a large heavy bottomed casserole pan to 180c/360F. (If you don’t own a thermometer, you can check the temperature by dropping in a small piece of white bread. If it fizzes and turns a golden brown colour then you are good to go.)
  4. Fry for a few seconds before gently stirring the oil to make sure that the batons do not stick together.
  5. When golden brown lift out the courgettes and drain quickly on kitchen paper before serving with the dip.
  6. Mix the FAGE Total 2% yoghurt and chilli & garlic sauce together and serve with the fried courgettes.

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