Chocolate & Peanut Butter Eton Mess

Less than 15'

500g FAGE Total

100g extra dark chocolate

3 tbsp agave nectar

100g unsweetened chunky peanut butter

4 tbsp frangelico, amaretto or coffee liqueur

3 meringue nests, broken

25g unsalted roasted peanuts, crushed

Gold flakes or dust, optional

  1. Place the chocolate in a food bag with the agave nectar and 3 tbsp water. Seal the bag and put in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes until melted.
  2. Mix the peanut butter with the liqueur and 1 tbsp water until smooth. Divide the yoghurt into two bowls, add half the chocolate mixture to one and the peanut butter mixture to the second. Ripple each a few times. Spoon a little chocolate sauce onto 4 plates or serving glasses. Spoon the two mixtures onto the plates, scattering a few meringue pieces between the layers. Scatter with peanuts and a few gold flakes and serve immediately.