Diamond Mocha-Chocha Pavlova

A mocha chocolate pavlova fit for a big celebration!


For the meringue:

6 egg whites

300g caster sugar

20g cocoa powder

1 tbsp instant coffee

30g roasted hazelnuts, chopped

For the filling:

500g FAGE Total

400g hazelnut chocolate spread

For the topping:

Fresh fruit of your choice

Mint thinsĀ 

  1. On baking parchment draw four 9 inch diameter circles and place onto baking trays.
  2. In a large bowl, using an electric whisk, whisk the egg whites and 100g of the sugar until thick and fluffy.
  3. While whisking at full speed gradually add the rest of the sugar. When all of the sugar has been added the mixture should be very thick with a silky texture. Stop whisking and gently fold in the cocoa powder and instant coffee.
  4. Using a large piping bag, start at the centre of the circles and pipe outwards in a spiral motion until you get to the edge of the circle.
  5. When all 4 circles are piped sprinkle hazelnuts gently over each one and dry out the meringue in a very low oven (100C-120C or the warm setting for a gas oven) for about