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FAGE Fruits

Extra is better.

You can now experience a deliciously thick and creamy strained fruit yoghurt A fruit yoghurt… But Extra!

What others call Greek, the Greeks call strained yoghurt. Lovingly produced to our family recipe since 1926, our yoghurt is strained to remove watery whey, leaving a uniquely thick and creamy yoghurt that's naturally rich in protein. We then blend our yoghurt with tasty fruits to create a yoghurt with a thick and smooth texture. A delicious breakfast, snack or dessert!

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Meet FAGE Junior! The strained yoghurt for kids

Discover our new FAGE Junior, a premium fruit yoghurt created specifically for children! You can find it in Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana and Pear!

It has 35% less sugar than other kids yoghurt, is rich in protein and is a source of calcium. Just natural ingredients with no bits, no nasties. Just smooth, thick and creamy yoghurt. Made for kids, loved by parents.

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Special Feature

35% Less Sugar

We are happy to announce that there is 35% less sugar in the fruit varieties* of our FAGE Total Split Pots.

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In the Kitchen

#FAGETotal at Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner … and anywhere in between

Greek yoghurt is commonly thought of as a breakfast or snack option, teamed with fruit or granola. But with only two ingredients – milk and live yoghurt cultures – FAGE Total Greek recipe strained yoghurt is the ideal replacement for more calorific dairy options, such as, cream, mayonnaise and crème fraiche.
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