Limoncello Yoghurt & Mascarpone Pots

Layers of mascarpone yoghurt and zingy Limoncello jelly. A refreshing summer dessert.


250g FAGE Total

250g mascarpone

1 vanilla pod

For the Jelly:

100ml limoncello or lemon juice

100ml water

1 tablespoon Agar flakes 

  1. Mix together the FAGE Total yoghurt, mascarpone and vanilla seeds scraped from the pod.
  2. Make the limoncello jelly by combining all of the jelly ingredients in a pan, and bringing the mixture to a boil. Let the mixture cool for 10 minutes before doing anything with it.
  3. Pipe a thick layer of the yoghurt mixture into your serving glass, followed by a much thinner layer of jelly mixture on top.
  4. Refrigerate for 25 minutes and then add another layer of yoghurt on top. Repeat the layering process until you have filled your glass (usually 2 – 3 layers maximum).
  5. Chill in a fridge until the jelly is set (approximately 2-3 hours).