Pan Fried Duck Breast with Creamy Yoghurt Mash

To lower the calories, but maintain the creaminess, use FAGE Total Yoghurt in mashed potato instead of butter.


1 FAGE Total 0% Split Pot with Honey

100ml gravy

2 duck breasts

Mash potato, enough for two

1 tsp grain mustard

  1. Place the gravy into a pan, add the honey from the twin pot, bring to the boil and reduce by ½. Finally add the grain mustard to taste.
  2. Make the mash as you normally would but instead of adding milk and butter add the yoghurt from the split pot.
  3. Pan fry the duck breast, skin-side down, in a cold pan. Do not add any oil, but render the fat out of the skin so it becomes crispy.
  4. Once crispy turn over the duck breast and continue cooking.
  5. Serve the duck breast on top of the mash potato and drizzle with the sauce.