Warm Nicoise Style Salad with Tangy Lemon Dressing

Less than 15'

 150g FAGE Total 2%

1 x 250g 2cm thick tuna steak

1 tsp peppercorns, crushed

2 tbsp olive oil

200g baby plum tomatoes

1 thick slice multiseed bread, cut into 1.5 cm chunks

2 tbsp pumpkin seeds

150g green beans

1 small red onion, thinly sliced

1 lemon, zest & juice

½ 25g bunch dill, finely chopped

1 tbsp Dijon mustard

1 baby gem lettuce, leaves separated

75g black olives

3 medium eggs, hardboiled, cooled, shelled & halved

  1. Rub the tuna steak with the peppercorns and set aside for 5 minutes. Heat a medium frying pan, add 1 tbsp oil and add the tuna and the tomatoes. Cook the tuna for 2 minutes on each side for medium rare, giving the pan an occasional shake to turn the tomatoes. Rest for 5 minutes before thickly slicing.
  2. Meanwhile, heat the remaining oil in a large frying pan, add the bread and cook, tossing for 2 minutes until very lightly toasted. Add pumpkin seeds and cook for a further minute until they begin to pop and the bread is deep golden.
  3. Bring a small pan of water to the boil, add the beans, return to the boil and cook for 2 minutes exactly. Add the onions to the pan, stir and drain. Rinse under cold running water for a few seconds.
  4. Mix together yoghurt, lemon zest and juice, dill and mustard. Scatter lettuce, olives, green beans, onion and tomatoes onto 2 plates, top with the tuna and egg and drizzle with the dressing. Scatter over croutons and seeds and serve.